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Ready CNC golden and silver metal detail on technical drawing sketch with measures

Design & Prototype

Bespoke design solutions and innovation

We offer a full range of design services using the latest technologies and CAD software to produce three dimensional models and two-dimensional drawings to meet our customers bespoke requirements for new and existing product development. 

Our speciality is the design, development and manufacture of prototype and bespoke parts and our design team will work with you to fully understand your needs and develop a cost effective, quality assured solution to meet your specification. 

We work with a wide range of electronic data including Catia, Solidworks and AutoCAD and are able to produce CAD models and engineering drawings from sketches, samples, conceptual ideas or basic information to turn your ideas into a quality product manufactured in a variety of finishes and volumes. 

Prototype can be manufactured using a choice of methods which include CNC machining, 3D printing and additive manufacturing. 

This is not an exhaustive list of our skills and capabilities and we are always happy to discuss any bespoke requirements you may have. 

Our process

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2. Work Status

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3. Completion

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